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F2k Elite Bootcamp


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Personal Training Wing Chun
Group PT Tai Chi Chuan
Boot Camp Self Defence


Kineticfunction offers tailormade solutions for people who want to lose weight and reduce stress to achieve more.

Operating from f2k, Manchester’s state of the art professional fitness studios in the heart of Didsbury village. Or offering home visits for your ultimate comfort and convenience.

Kineticfunction is run by Andreas Scholl, a qualified European Institute of Fitness Master Trainer and Advanced Personal Trainer.

Whatever your training goal, from running a charity marathon or shedding those extra pounds for a special occasion, you will have all the support you need to challenge and develop yourself.

Most importantly, this journey together is just the start of your transformation. You will perfect exercise forms for maximum benefit; use highly efficient training techniques to save your precious time; and learn how to make realistic changes in your lifestyle to help you live more healthily every day.

Every person can improve their health and fitness to enjoy a better quality of life – we will stand side by side with you to help achieve that goal.


Simple Fitness programmes should be simple and approachable. You won’t become a slave to training.
Direct Choosing the correct training method is crucial – you will receive exclusive workouts for YOU and your specific goal.
Efficient Your spare time is priceless. Your training program is designed to be achievable and fit with your unique lifestyle.
Fun Exercise doesn’t have to be dull - the training routines are really fun, relaxed and enjoyable.
Transform Results are the best motivation. Your success is the ultimate priority.